Wale Says The Gifted LP Is 'What The People Need'

'I've kissed the babies, I've shook the hands — now let's let the music talk,' Wale tells 'RapFix Live' of promoting his third album.

Wale takes his music seriously; in fact, when the Maybach Music MC visited "RapFix Live" on Wednesday, he barely cracked a smile while discussing his upcoming LP, The Gifted.

"I'm not even gonna do all that other stuff. I'ma talk with the music. Until my album drop, until June 25, I'ma talk loud with the music," Wale said, refusing to give any summations of his upcoming LP.

In 2009 Wale dropped his debut album, Attention Deficit, but after a lackluster commercial performance, the Washington D.C. native partnered with Rick Ross' MMG camp, where he has continued to flourish artistically and prove himself bankable at the same time. His 2011 sophomore album, Ambition, earned the expert lyricist a gold plaque and spawned "Lotus Flower Bomb," his biggest hit to date. Wale's next album is highly anticipated, but it looks like fans will just have to wait to hear it for themselves.

"I've done everything I could do, I've said everything I could say. I've kissed the babies, I've shook the hands — now let's let the music talk because I ain't about to come here and tell y'all exactly how I feel no more. I'ma let it all sing in the music," he huffed.

This time out Wale says he isn't focused on sales; he's merely following his heart while trying to push the envelope of music. He wouldn't say much about features, but he did reveal that he has been working with Stokley Williams, lead vocalist for the R&B band Mint Condition. Outside of that Wale aims to buck the expected rap trends. "I'm giving you music, I'm giving you what the people need," he said. "I'm tired of y'all rappers like, 'I got four joints for the ladies, I got two for the club, I got three inspirational,' ... Nah, paint a picture, show me wassup."

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