Tyga Gathers Wiz Khalifa, Mally Mall For 'Crazy' 'Molly' Video

Young Money MC tells MTV News that clip is influenced by 'I, Robot' and 'Alice in Wonderland.'

When Tyga first heard the beat for his new Hotel California single "Molly," the Young Money MC immediately began thinking futuristic. The robotic hook, which was built into the beat when T-Raw first got it, reminded him of his iPhone and a few fantasy-based flicks.

"When I first heard the hook, I was like, 'It sounds like Siri,' " Tyga told MTV News on Tuesday, likening the song to the ask-all app on his iPhone. "So I was like, that would be dope if I did something like 'I, Robot' meets 'Alice in Wonderland.' Something crazy like that."

MTV News took a trip to Tyga's video set in downtown Los Angeles and saw first-hand how Tyga and director Colin Tilley incorporated inspiration from Will Smith's 2004 sci-fi movie and Lewis Carroll's literary classic, which has been adapted to film several times. While "Molly" is of course a reference to the popular party drug, Tyga went the extra length to add creativity to his upcoming video — he could've easily shot a run-of-the-mill in-the-club clip. "Anybody that knows what I'm talking about then you know what you feel when you're in that moment," he said, referencing the euphoric effects that Molly is said to have. "From the lights to how everything is and how you look at everything. I just wanted to make the video like that — real black-light, glow-in-the-dark, crazy type of stuff."

While Tyga's set was different, there were some familiar faces: the track's collaborators Mally Mall and Wiz Khalifa came through for their cameos. "This is the first time me and Wiz ever worked together, really," Tyga noted. "Wiz is real known for all his weed culture and embracing that heavy. I felt like we're close in age, we're both winning in what we're doin', it made sense."

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