Russell Brand Recalls Katy Perry Marriage As 'Shaky From The Get-Go'

Comedian opens up about their divorce the same day news broke that Perry and John Mayer broke up.

It seems that for Russell Brand, distance doesn't necessarily make the heart grow fonder. At an event held on Tuesday, the comedian addressed his split from Katy Perry eight months after they officially divorced, sharing that sometimes love "begins on an elephant [and] ends in a newspaper."

"That marriage was shaky from the get-go, before I'd even got off the elephant," he said at the XFM Teenage Cancer Trust, Yahoo reports, referring to the former couple's lavish wedding in October 2010, where he arrived to the ceremony on an elephant.

But their union was short-lived. Brand filed for divorce from the pop starlet fourteen months later in December 2011.

"It was a drag, man," the comedian continued. "Let me tell you a thing about marriage: Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months. This is a sacred 14-month arrangement — Begins on an elephant, ends in a newspaper."

Their split not only played out in the gossip pages, but was a key plot point in her 2012 documentary, "Katy Perry: Part Of Me." "Everything has to be handled with integrity and appropriately, and it's not nice to air all your dirty laundry, because that stinks, so I had to be very delicate with the situation, but I couldn't avoid the elephant in the room," she explained to MTV News last July about including her divorce in the flick. "If you were to have seen that movie and walked out and [my breakup] wasn't at all mentioned like it never happened, you'd be like, 'Eh, this is weird, what is she trying to hide?' I don't like to hide."

Perry's personal life has made many headlines this week. On the same day Brand addressed their 2011 split, insiders confirmed that Perry and John Mayer had broken up after dating on and off since last June.