Little Mix Call Their Formation 'A Freak Accident'

DNA singers open up to MTV News about their U.S. invasion and their debut single 'Wings.'

Little Mix are ready to spread their wings and fly over to the States with their debut U.S. album, DNA. Already a smash back in their native U.K., the girl group is launching their American invasion with their sassy anthem "Wings," hoping to cause a stir here.

And the foursome (Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirwall) are learning that Americans are already pretty hyped for them.

"They're just incredible, aren't they?" Thirwall told MTV News about their U.S. fans. "As soon as we got here, there were fans at the airport waiting for us with presents, balloons and at the hotel. So it's just everywhere we go, we've got a good little selection of fans. They're so polite."

Edwards added that the Little Mixers have a lot in common with the girl group. "[They're] chatty. They love to chat with you. ... Our fans, like all over the world, like every Little Mixer we have, are crazy, in a good way, 'cause they are like us. It makes us feel really good," she said.

Pinnock added, "They make you feel so welcome, and I think as well with our Little Mixers, they're so dedicated. They are just proper hard-core, and that's what we want."

While they've already got a solid group of Little Mixers here, they are recruiting new ones with their feel-good, feisty lead single. "Wings" puts their big voices at the center and celebrates being yourself, shutting out anything the haters have to say. "It's definitely an introduction to Little Mix," Nelson said. "It's what we're about."

"It's uplifting and it has a great message, which is what we always wanted to have for our first single, especially for the fans," Pinnock added. "It's colorful. It's upbeat. It's fun. And that's what Little Mix are about."

In the end, while they are pretty sassy on the record, waving their girl-power flag proudly, Edwards notes it's "a 'being confident in yourself' kind of attitude, so [a] positive attitude."

Little Mix have made a name for themselves thanks to their cheeky chemistry and impressive harmonies. But new fans might be surprised to learn that they weren't always the group they are now. Much like "X Factor" alums One Direction, they met while competing on the U.K. version of the series back in 2011. Intending to compete as solo acts, they were thrown together to make up Little Mix. The magic was palpable to viewers, and they ended up winning their season.

"It was like a freak accident, wasn't it?" Edwards said of the group's formation. "They put us together I think based on our height. They must have seen us together and thought, 'They're exactly the same height. They look good... blah, blah, blah.' But then when we started singing, it just kind of clicked. We're so lucky to have it actually work, I think."

"But all of that just kind of makes me think, like, it was always supposed to happen," Pinnock added. "It was fate, as cheesy as it sounds."

"Wings" is out now, and DNA will hit U.S. retailers in May.