Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' Originally 'Sexy Together'?

Former NLT boy band member Travis Garland tells MTV News he turned down the original, sexier version of Bieber's hit track.

When you listen to Justin Bieber's motivational hit song "Never Say Never," the words "sexy" and "sultry" don't usually come to mind. But that's exactly what was supposed to happened when the song was first conceived, when it was still titled "Sexy Together."

That's right, the song that became Bieber's second top 10 single in the United States, the theme song for the "Karate Kid" and the title behind his 3-D concert film wasn't about overcoming obstacles, but about a couple so sexy that it made all the onlookers jealous.

Back in 2010 former NLT boy band member Travis Garland was in the beginning stages of his solo career and co-wrote and recorded a demo for "Sexy Together." With the melody and sound being strikingly similar to that of "Never Say Never," the only thing that is different is the lyrics.

"We're so sexy together/when we touch hotter than summer weather/ No one else does it better/ and know that everybody wants what we got/we're sexy together."

Garland, who earlier this month released his second EP Fashionably Late Volume II, recently stopped by MTV News and explained just how "Sexy Together" became what it is now.

"The story behind that is that was a song I wrote with a production team called the Messengers it was called 'Sexy Together' and I actually cut the song," Garland said. "Eventually decided it wasn't right for me and I wasn't going to use it, so I said go ahead and shop it for somebody else, and so they ended up just rewriting my lyrics and then selling it to Justin Bieber for his movie."

Garland revealed that he never heard from Bieber after he re-wrote the song, but he continues to work with other artists, most recently on a song with MTV Artist to Watch Austin Mahone.

Yet, most of his focus is now on his solo career, which has his new single "Where to Land" gaining positive reviews.

"It's a new evolution of my sound, so I was a little bit nervous. I just didn't know how people would receive it," Garland said. "But it's been overwhelmingly positive so far."

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