Justin Bieber Vs. Selena Gomez: Fans Take Sides After 'Letterman' Dis

Beliebers strike back after Gomez makes a joke to 'Late Show' host David Letterman about bringing her ex-boyfriend to tears.

It was the David Letterman interview heard around the world. When Selena Gomez stopped by "The Late Show" earlier this week, the "Spring Breakers" star teased that just like Letterman before, she too had made her ex Justin Bieber cry.

While the audience, and Letterman, found her light-hearted jab pretty funny, not long after her comment went viral, Beliebers hit back. (Both Bieber and Selena have confirmed that they officially split earlier this year.)

"Sorry @selenagomez but @justinbieber is respectful and his parents raised him right. He would never embarrass you on National Television," @Misoow18 Mar tweeted in response to her sassy wisecrack. @flyonbieber wrote, "@selenagomez sorry but you lost all of my respect. But wait I can't lose what I never had for you."

The onslaught of anti-Selena messages hardly ended there. @iovorauhl added, "@selenagomez you forget that you started your career by hopping around with a purple dinosaur." For those unaware of the reference, Gomez was a child star on "Barney" along with Demi Lovato.

But in a sea of anti-Selena comments, her supporters came out and offered up their own take on the incident. ‏@emmashortt_1m wrote, "To be honest, I still like Selena Gomez. Yes, what she said was mean but she's human."

One MTV News reader, Bill, was also pro-Selena in the aftermath of her comment, writing, "This all seems pretty simple and up front to me. She is a young woman and quite mature. He is still a little boy with lots of money, but still a little boy, just the same."

Other fans, like @TeamGomezHomie4m, seemed ready to move on from the incident. "Life is too short, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly. @selenagomez I LOVE You," the fan wrote, while @Ohflirtybieber9m noted, "You guys are always my idols no matter what happens @justinbieber @selenagomez #promise."

Whose side are you on, Justin Bieber's or Selena Gomez's? Let us know in the comments!