Paramore Say Lead Up To New Album Has Been 'Terrifying'

We're ready for it to get here now,' Paramore say of self-titled album, due April 9.

It's been nearly four years since Paramore released an album ... and the time since Brand New Eyes has been eventful, to say the very least. So, with their self-titled record less than a month away, you can't blame them for being a little anxious.

"The feelings are so vast and so many ... [we're] so excited, first and foremost. So ready for people to hear it," guitarist Taylor York said. "But it's terrifying putting out a record — something you really poured your heart into and worked so hard for. We're ready for it to get here now, because you're living in your head, thinking of all the scenarios; you know 'Are people going to like it? Are they gonna hate it? Is it going to flop? Will it be huge?' I'm ready for it to be judged and move on."

"Judge us!" Hayley Williams laughed. "Judge us please!"

And while Paramore will have to wait for the critics to weigh in on their new album, they've already received judgment from their fans at the handful of dates they've played in the lead-up to the record's release. And, in a lot of ways, that feedback — however partial it might be — is the most important thing of all.

"It seems like people are into everything we're doing now, which is exciting. We took some time off from the road, to make the record and kind of breathe for a second and wake up in our own beds for once, and it was nice," Williams said. "And I think that support we got while we were away for a minute meant so much to us; and it means even more now that we've come back and seen that our fans have stood by us and hung out and waited for us to come back with an album that we really believe in."

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