One Direction Clue Fans Into 3-D Movie Title: 'This Is Us'

'Cant wait for you guys to see itttt!!' Liam Payne tweets after revealing name of flick, out August 30.

One way or another, One Direction had some "big news" for their fans when they revealed the name of 3-D movie on Monday (March 18). And, drum roll please... it's called "This Is Us."

The unveiling came after fans were sent on a scavenger hunt across the Internet to try and track down the parts of the puzzle that make up film's title. After a flurry of hints from the movie's official Twitter account, the Directioners nailed the challenge, discovering the movie's title. And, the movie formerly billed as "1D3D" will now officially go by the more intimate "This Is Us."

On the day the title was released, Niall Horan shared, "Hope you all like it! Lot of thought gone into it." Liam Payne added, "Cant wait for you guys to see itttt!!"

Part documentary and part concert film, "This Is Us" will take fans inside the world of 1D. The movie goes everywhere with the heartthrobs, even to the bathroom. And the guys don't seem to be too worried about all that access, given they are in director Morgan Spurlock's capable hands.

"Morgan works well because like you said, he did a lot of documentary movies," Horan told MTV News. "That's more so what we want our movie to be. It's going to be a concert movie, but with a documentary side than concert side so we wanted to give it like get our personalities across because the fans know us, but we want them to know us deeper."

In addition to enlisting Spurlock to direct the movie, Horan also shared that he's also been entrusted with a camera to shoot some of the movie while they are currently on their Take Me Home tour. The movie opens on August 30.

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