Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down/I Been On:’ The Queen Steps Off The Throne

Beyonce gets real on her new tracks, but is Bigger Than The Sound ready for that reality?

Beyoncé has sold 120 million albums worldwide, gets to call Jay-Z “Shawn” every single day, is at the White House so often she probably has a Secret Service codename and somehow convinced 2 million people to watch her talk to her MacBook Pro. But aside from all that, she’s just like you.

At least that’s the message she’s pushing on “Bow Down/I Been On,” the Chopped-and-Screwy new song (songs?) she premiered Sunday. Produced by Hit-Boy, and packed with more odes to Houston than the Astros’ 50th Anniversary celebration, it continues down the path she began exploring on the aforementioned “Life Is but a Dream” doc … namely, that despite all evidence to the contrary, Beyoncé is incredibly, incredulously normal.

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