Move Over Justin Timberlake, Ex-Boy Bander Travis Garland Is 'Evolving'

Former NLT member may be 'Fashionably Late' to solo success, but he's finally found 'Where to Land.'

Making the transition from boy band member to solo artist isn't always as seamless as Justin Timberlake once made it seem, but former NLT member Travis Garland is certainly working hard to prove doubters wrong.

With a smooth pop- R&B sound, reminiscent to Timberlake's, Garland recently released his second EP, Fashionably Late Volume II. Working with producers The Stereotypes, who have collaborated with Usher and Justin Bieber, Garland presents five tracks that show off his impressive falsetto and sultry sound.

"It's a new evolution of my sound, so I was a little bit nervous. I just didn't know how people would receive it," Garland recently told MTV News. "But it's been overwhelmingly positive so far."

Gaining comparisons to Miguel and Robin Thicke, Garland is starting to build traction with the lead single, "Where to Land."

" 'Where to Land' is the first song that we did off the EP. It just felt right," Garland said. "We were out in London recording. We did the video. We wrote it, recorded it, did the video all in one weekend in London. It just felt right."

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Garland, who has gained a following on YouTube with his cover songs of artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé, released his first solo single, "Believe," back in 2010, but admits he was still learning what kind of artist he wanted to become.

"Part of being an artist is that you're always evolving," Garland said. "And going back then, I was fresh out of the group trying to figure out who I was as an artist."

Garland, who along with "Glee" star Kevin McHale, was a member of the short-lived group NLT (while in our studio, we showed Garland his first appearance on TRL back in 2008), and he admits that he has nothing but fond memories of his boy band days.

"That was the best learning experience for me being in a group," Garland said of his boy band days. "That was my first tour, first album, my first record deal so I feel that was like a boot camp."

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