Tegan And Sara ‘Making Dreams Come True’ As Woodies Hosts

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At this point, Tegan and Sara are South By Southwest vets … which is why, though they’ve hit Austin hard this year, they’re quick to remember the keys to SXSW survival:

“It’s chaos, it’s fun, if you can get through it, you feel victorious, like you ran a race or something,” Sara Quin laughed. “We’ve done it three times already; we love it.”

“We’ve got to ride around in a limo bus and eat brisket, I tripped on a glow stick, we played at two broken-down bars, we’ve gotten some time in the sun and I’m still getting six hours of sleep,” her sister Tegan added. “And I haven’t had one drop of alcohol; so it’s been a success.”

Of course, Sara is quick to add that her sister has downed, “like, a case of Red Bull,” though that’s probably out of necessity: After all, in addition to their SXSW performances, Tegan and Sara are also down in Austin co-hosting the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards … and pulling double duty is pretty exhausting.

“There’s a wild energy to it; sometimes when you do these award shows, they’re more structured and formal,” Sara said. “But this has a more broad, open concept to it … and it’s way more about the performances, which is really cool. Also, we got to meet Sway, which was pretty great.”

There’s also another perk to hosting … it may be as close as Tegan and Sara ever get to actually winning a Woodie.

“We’ve never won a Woodie, so this is like the next-best thing. We’re making dreams come true here,” Tegan laughed. “No, [there are] so many fans here, so many young people, so many great performers … it’s a privilege to get to hang out. And talk, which we love to do.”

Don’t miss the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards, Sunday, March 17 at 8/7c on MTV and mtvU, featuring performances from Zedd, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Twenty One Pilots, coming at you from SXSW!