DJ Khaled Defends 'Brother' French Montana In 50 Cent Controversy

During his visit to 'RapFix Live,' Khaled responds to allegations that Montana supplied 50 Cent with footage of his mother.

DJ Khaled keeps his friends close, and when it comes to his relationship with French Montana, he won't question his loyalty.

Back in November 50 Cent alleged that Montana supplied him with the footage of Khaled's mother that the G-Unit juggernaut used in his 2009 dis video "A Psychic Told Me," which took aim at Khaled and his buddy Rick Ross. It's a charge that Khaled won't even address with his buddy and frequent collaborator.

"Well I've known French for a long time. I've never asked him, and I'm not gonna ask him because I already heard him on interviews," Khaled said on Wednesday when he appeared on "RapFix Live" alongside N.O.R.E., Ski Beatz and his newest We the Best signee Vado. "That's my brother, French Montana is my brother, he's family and I don't know nothing about that... he would keep it 100 with me because he is family, he is my friend and he's part of the team."

Khaled, who is getting set to release his seventh studio album, Suffering From Success, routinely dismisses rap beef. After all, for a guy whose success is based off of unity and high-powered hip-hop collaborations, beef is just bad for business. It'll be pretty difficult to partner talent like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Drake and the rest rap's all-star if you routinely involve yourself in controversy.

"All I know is positive and love I'm not going to distort and put that energy around me because that's not gonna happen," he said. "To be a boss, a leader, as somebody that's gonna move through this jungle like a lion. I'm not dealing with that. You deal with that, I'm good."