How Halle Berry And Abigail Breslin Answered 'The Call'

Breslin listened to 911 calls to research her role as a girl being kidnapped in the new thriller, while Berry channeled her co-star's emotions.

For the stars of the new thriller "The Call," preparing for their roles came down to one thing: intensity.

For Casey, a teenager being kidnapped, and Jordan Turner, the 911 operator who gets her terrifying call, it's a high-pressure situation on both ends of the phone. Abigail Breslin, who viewers might remember from "Little Miss Sunshine," is the teen being talked through the most horrific experience of her life. So how exactly can you prepare to be stuffed in a trunk and scared for your life? Breslin turned to YouTube.

"I listened to a lot of 911 calls, actually, which I just found on YouTube, and I actually listened to like 100 of them," she said. "And it was helpful to hear that panic that people feel when they're in that type of situation, so that was great to have a reference for."

Berry's character, Jordan Turner, operates from the confines of a call center for most of the movie. So for Berry, the challenge was to imagine what Casey was going through.

"It was trying to stay connected to the action where Abigail was and what was happening to her," Berry said. "She had the benefit of having all those things really happening to her, where I was on the phone in a call center having to imagine what was happening in order to keep my level of intensity up to match hers."

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The stars feel pretty confident that they helped each other through it. Being able to feed off each other's energy helped Berry and Breslin go toe-to-toe, they said.

"My level of intensity was right up there too, because my character was redeeming herself from something that happened before," Berry explained. "So the emotional quality was right up there for her too, in a different way. And that was a new challenge for me to face."

"The Call" arrives in theaters Friday (March 15).

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