'Spring Breakers' Sex Scene Isn't 'Raunchy,' Ashley Benson Says

'I thought it was shot beautifully,' actress tells MTV News of threesome with James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens

It was a baptism by threesome for "Spring Breakers" actress Ashley Benson. Instead of a traditional one-on-one moment for her first sex scene, the 23-year-old opted for two partners, co-stars James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens — diving into the deep end, figuratively and literally. And, no surprise, watching the pool-set scene with an audience for the first time was anxiety-inducing, to say the least.

"The first time I saw it was on a very small screen, so I didn't really get to see what it was when I got to see the film in Venice," Benson recalled. "And that was extremely nerve-racking because it wasn't just me, it was tons of people watching."

And despite what you may be thinking about a Harmony Korine-directed threesome, which takes place in a backyard pool owned by a character named Alien, Benson insisted the scene (though scary to film) was tastefully done.

"I thought it was beautiful," she said. "I thought it was shot beautifully. We had an amazing DP [director of photography], Benoît [Debie]. For a sex scene, I think it was just filmed beautifully. It wasn't raunchy. It was telling a story. It was so beautiful. The film is shot so amazingly, so I think parts like that that could be seen as nasty or bad or whatever, it doesn't seem that way because it's just beautifully done."

"Spring Breakers," co-starring Selena Gomez and Rachel Korine, hits theaters in New York and L.A. on Friday, opening nationwide March 22.

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