Paramore Get Personal On New Single 'Still Into You'

Hayley Williams sings about her relationship with Chad Gilbert on the band's new single.

Paramore chose "Now" as the first single off their self-titled album because, as they explained to MTV News, it was the song that helped them transition from the past to the present:

"The first half of this record ... was all about getting to a new place, moving forward. And when we wrote 'Now,' by the end of the song I was like 'We're there. We got to that point and now we can really focus on what's next,'" Hayley Williams explained. "It's about believing before seeing, reaching out and blindly knowing it's going to be alright. And that's a message that's been really important for us three, but also for our fans and for young people in general; it's a message we're cool to stand behind, and it feels good."

And now, having moved forward, they're moving on with the next chapter, with a brand-new lyric video for "Still Into You," the second single off the album. And while "Now" was rousing in all the ways their fans have grown to love — roiling guitars, Williams' keening voice, a corker of a chorus — well, their latest single sees them covering new sonic territory, implementing whoosing keyboards into the mix, while Williams opens up about her relationship with longtime boyfriend Chad Gilbert.

"Can't count the years on one hand that we've been together," Williams sings over blipping keys and staccato'ed guitar stabs. "I need the other one to hold you, make you feel better."

Later in the song, she details the first night she met Gilbert's mother, adding "and on the drive back to my house/I told you that I loved ya." And in the chorus (which certainly ranks up there with their all-time best), she confesses "I should be over all the butterflies/But I'm into you."

Of course, though Williams is singing about something very personal, "Still Into You" also works with the band's brand-new mantra: they've risen from the ashes, put past dramas behind them, and are starting "a new journey ... not only as a band, but as a movement." Take, for example, a line like "Let 'em wonder how we got this far/Cause I don't really need to wonder at all," which says everything that needs to be said.

Paramore are down in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest music festival, and according to a spokesperson for their label, Fueled By Ramen, they'll shoot a video for "Still Into You" on Friday in the city.

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