DJ Khaled Wants To Make An 'Anthem' With Eminem

'Sway, can you talk to Em?' DJ asks on 'RapFix Live' about upcoming Suffering From Success album.

If you want to put out a high-powered rap collaboration together, then DJ Khaled is your man. There isn't a rapper in the game the Miami hitmaker can't get on a track — well, maybe one.

"Tell Eminem I want to do a record with him, and I think the fans and the people, they wanna see that too," Khaled said Wednesday (March 13) on "RapFix Live." "I need help on that. Sway, can you talk to Em?"

Khaled has done records with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, Fat Joe, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes and Nas, but for his upcoming seventh studio album, Suffering From Success, Slim Shady sits atop his wish list.

"He's amazing. It's Eminem. But I feel like we need to do an anthem together, a record together. We need to get in the studio together, me and him just vibe out. I want to play him the beat, give him the energy, the inspiration," Khaled said. "Then I want his engineer, not mine, his, and make him feel comfortable, turn the mic on and do what we do."

The charismatic DJ already confirmed that Drake will appear on the LP but refused to reveal any other details. Whatever it is Khaled has in-store has him feeling pretty confident.

"Suffering From Success, expect some serious, serious surprises. Expect some serious #1 anthems, like I always do," he boasted. "But also expect some groundbreaking collaborations and just bone-chilling, goose-bump records."

What do you think a DJ Khaled and Eminem record would sound like? Let us know in the comments!