Vinny Cha$e Calls A$AP Rocky Comparisons 'Lazy'

Fellow Harlem rapper tells MTV News if anyone compares him with the 'Goldie' MC 'you're not listening.'

Vinny Cha$e has officially cemented himself as part of Harlem's new hip-hop guard, but please don't compare him to A$AP Rocky — the only thing they have in common is the love they share for their 'hood.

"I really don't like that sh-- because it's a lazy comparison that just lets me know you're not listening," Cha$e told MTV News when he sat with us at the end of February. "It's no way you can compare me and this guy as far as music goes and say that we're anything alike."

Both of the young spitters have done well to represent their native Harlem, even if Rocky got a bit of a head start. In January, Dat PMF snagged the #1 Billboard spot with his debut Long.Live.A$AP and on Tuesday Vinny Cha$e announced with MTV News that he secured a joint venture with Epic Records worth $2.5 million. Still, Cha$e wants fans to remember that he's been putting his rap plans into motion since 2011. "You can go back to my first video 'Smokin'," he said, referencing his slow-rolling marijuana ode, which predates Rocky's breakout "Purple Swag" by two months. "Look at the date on that, I dare you, and then you can really see where the comparisons are coming from and who started what first."

But Cha$e clarified that there is no competition between the camps and plenty of mutual respect. "I know all of those dudes. I know Ferg. I respect what Ferg is doing a lot as far as the street goes I mess with those dudes," he said of A$AP Ferg, whose new single, "Work," is bubbling through rap's underground.

Vinny and his Cheers Club collective just want to maintain their own sonic identity, that's all. "I'm me and they're them pretty much," he concluded.

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