Jessica Sanchez Ditches 'American Idol' Ballads For Ne-Yo's 'Tonight'

'Idol' alum tells MTV News she's showing her true side with fun new single.

She may have kept quiet since coming in the runner-up spot on season 11 of "American Idol," but Jessica Sanchez is ready to make her voice heard once again. The pint-sized diva captivated viewers week after week with her powerhouse vocals, showing off her wide, impressive range, but now that she is gearing up to release her own music, she warns fans that they are about to see a whole new side of her.

"On the show, I was shy and conservative — the ballad singer," Sanchez told MTV News on the set of her upcoming music video for "Tonight." "I'm opening up to the world and showing everybody and my fans who I really am. I'm not just some timid girl. I love to have fun and I want to show everyone I can do that through my music and this song pretty much describes the whole album because it's clubby and dancy."

"Tonight," the lead single off her upcoming album, Me, You & the Music, which will be released sometime in May, is a club-ready track that features Ne-Yo, who wrote/produced a few other songs for her upcoming effort.

"The song features Ne-Yo. I don't even know how this came about. It's ridiculous," Sanchez said about working with the R&B star. "My manager told me he wanted to do something with me. Even meeting him is crazy. I still get shy around him. I'm like, 'oh my gosh, it's Ne-Yo!' I've been such a big fan. I feel so blessed. I'm doing the song with him. It's going to be so much fun."

Earlier this month Sanchez, who is gearing up for a guest spot on "Glee," filmed the video for the lead track, which shows the singer dancing the night away.

" 'Tonight' is a song about people that are usually stressed out, everybody has problems and everything, and 'Tonight' is a song about going out that night and having the best night of your life," Sanchez said. "So I'm just going to be walking through having a typical day, me being like 'whatever,' then I'm going to go to the club and be like 'oh my gosh, it's like the best night of my life.' I'm just going to let go and just have fun. There's going to be lots of dancing. It's going to be hot."

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