Taylor Swift Ending Her Fairy Tale Days On 'More Mature' Red Tour

Singer tells fans to 'expect the unexpected' on upcoming tour, which kicks off on Wednesday in Omaha.

Taylor Swift is ready to kick things up a few notches on her Red tour, which kicks off Wednesday in Omaha, Nebraska. And while she's played the fairy princess on past jaunts, fans should expect a more grown-up Taylor this time around.

"I think that the visuals kind of portrayed on this tour will be, I guess, more grown-up and a little more mature than things we've done in the past," she explained about the trek. "And I think on my previous albums and my previous tours I've really liked to operate in the element of fantasy and I think that this tour will incorporate a little more reality into the visuals, which is nice."

Speaking to fans from tour rehearsals, the 23-year-old chart-topper noted that anything and everything is possible when it comes to the look and vibe of this tour.

"I think from the Red tour fans can expect the unexpected," she further explained. "I think I really like the element of surprise and I love incorporating that into the shows. I like for these tours to be completely different from every single one we've done."

The tour kicks off on one lucky day for Swift, March 13. During the massive jaunt, she will be joined by pal Ed Sheeran, who previously described the gig as "mind-blowing," as well as various other opening acts including internet sensation Austin Mahone. The tour is slated to end on September 21 in Swift's home base of Nashville.

But, that's not all: On Wednesday, she will also gift fans with the Anthony Mandler-directed video for her latest single, "22." Swift shot the video, with her real-life pals in tow, last month in and around Malibu.