Frank Ocean Sued For Channel Orange's 'Lost'

Producer Micah Otano claims he did not receive credit for his work on Grammy-winning LP.

Frank Ocean had a few people to thank on Grammy night when he accepted the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, but it seems like he might've left a musician out. The singer is being sued by Micah Otano, a producer who claims he did not receive credit for his work on the Channel Orange song "Lost."

Otano — who proudly displays Ocean's "Lost" credit on his Twitter profile and received many a congratulatory tweet on Grammy night — is also suing Ocean's co-writer and producer Malay, accusing him of stealing the work and passing it off as his own.

In the Los Angeles District court filing obtained by E!, Otano claims he co-created the song "Daylight," which provided the basis for "Lost." The document, filed Wednesday, said he "solely performed the lead synthesizer parts on 'Daylight' as well as piano and other parts."

Otano alleges he and Malay made an agreement to ensure co-producer credit for both parties when shopping the song around the music industry, but Malay did not keep his word.

"Malay (through his lawyers) lied to Otano, claiming that Malay 'completely re-recorded' Otano's work in the process of creating 'Lost,' " according to the lawsuit. "Malay did so in order to convince Otano to sign away his rights in "DayLight" for $1,500, despite the fact that Malay did use Otano's performances in Lost.' "

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Otana is suing for breach of contract, fraud in the inducement, rescission and restitution, copyright infringement and declaratory relief. He is suing Ocean and Malay individually, and corporately suing Island Def Jam Music Group and Universal Music Group. The lawsuit did not list the figure Otana is seeking in damages.

The lawsuit isn't Ocean's only recent involvement in controversy. Ocean himself decided not to press charges against Chris Brown over a parking lot brawl at a studio in January.