Mumford & Sons Make Four Videos For 'Whispers In The Dark'

Band take fans behind the scenes in four mini clips for their latest single.

Mumford & Sons let actor/director Idris Elba do the heavy lifting in their "Lover of the Light" video — and by "heavy lifting," we mean he did everything while the band were presumably playing Ping-Pong or something.

Of course, when it came time to follow up their big Grammy night, they didn't have that same luxury ... so instead, they decided to turn a recent tour stop in Camden, New Jersey into a brand-new music video, for "Whispers in the Dark," which follows each member as they make their way to the stage, in a Cibo Matto-ian manner.

In a way, "Whispers" is really four mini music videos: The action is split into four screens, with frontman Marcus Mumford riding a chopper to the show, Ben Lovett waking up in a parked car (and shaking off the cobwebs from what we can only assume was a wild night out), Ted Dwane arriving aboard a battleship and the eternally-rumpled Winston Marshall stepping out of a freshly-pressed suit and into a tattered costume (he also magically re-grows a beard). It's all rather tongue-in-cheek, one that plays off many of the preconceived notions about the band, and give credit to both the Mumford and director Jim Canty for taking the de rigueur concept of the "live video" in a new direction.

Of course, given that Mumford & Sons are currently on tour until September, there's a pretty good chance they'll get another chance at filming a more traditional live video at some point. But with "Whispers," they've proven that they're more than capable of laughing at themselves, and offered their fans proof that the real show goes on behind the scenes. They might not like showing up in their music videos ... but when they do, they always deliver the goods.

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