Exclusive: James Franco Gets Worked Up in 'Maladies' Clip

MTV News has a look into Franco's role as a schizophrenic retired actor on the edge.

It's been two years since the trailer for "Maladies," starring James Franco, hit the Web. And the only people who've seen the full movie are the fancy folks at the Berlin International Film Festival last month. However, fear not! Even though there's not U.S. release date set yet, MTV News has an exclusive clip for you right now.

Maladies — diseases or ailments — sum up this 42-second clip perfectly. In this sneak peek, police rush into a house where James (James Franco) is in a room having a fit. There's shaving cream all over his face, and he's flinging crap around. There's some serious "Silver Linings Playbook" vibes going on here.

But then a voice starts to narrate the scene, and James talks back to the voice. When the police ask James' sister if he's been drinking, her response leaves them just as puzzled as viewers might be by the end of this clip.

Is James Franco a sadist? Mila Kunis thinks so.

The full trailer will give an idea of what happens next, but here's the gist of the movie: James is an actor forced to retire because of a perceived mental illness. He moves to a house in which his maladies get mixed up with the ailments of his sister (Fallon Goodson) and cross-dressing best friend (Catherine Keener). Now focusing his efforts on being a writer, James makes a pact with Keener's character to finish each others' work in case the other dies before their projects are complete.

Far from playing a disgruntled actor in "Maladies," Franco is currently on theater screens as a "ladies man" wizard in "Oz the Great and Powerful."

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