Kristen Stewart Goes 'On The Road' (And Makes Out) With Garrett Hedlund In Exclusive Clip

Adaptation of Jack Kerouac novel premieres nationwide in theaters and VOD on March 22.

Kristen Stewart is "On the Road" ... and in the backseat with Garrett Hedlund.

The big-screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's beloved beatnik novel hit theaters in limited release late last year for an awards-qualifying run, but come March 22, the film will premiere nationwide in theaters and on VOD. In celebration of the release, MTV News has an exclusive look at a scene from the film — an intimate moment between Stewart's Marylou and Hedlund's Dean.

The couple takes a break from their passionate necking long enough to contemplate their post-road-trip future. To his credit (or, more likely, discredit) Dean has a plan for how he can juggle his relationships with Marylou and wife Camille (played by Kirsten Dunst).

"Now listen, darling," he coos. "You know that I'm capable of everything at the same time, and I have unlimited energy. So when we get back to San Fransisco, let's absolutely go on living together. I know just the place for you to live. I'll be home every night and be at Camille's in the morning. I've done it before, so she'll never know."

Some offer, huh?

The consummate professional, Stewart didn't let her character's poor on-screen treatment color her appraisal of the film.

"Anyone who's a die-hard, anyone who's a real Kerouac fan, is going to appreciate it, hopefully," she told MTV News last September. "Let me just make that grand statement right there!"

Check out "On the Road," starring Sam Riley, Amy Adams and Viggo Mortensen, nationwide in theaters and on VOD starting March 22.

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