2 Chainz Is 'Headed To The Lab' After #2 Hottest MCs Placement

After being named the runner-up on MTV's coveted list, 2 Chainz says his next album will 'hush all the critics.'

There was varied rap reaction around MTV's "Hottest MCs in the Game VIII" this year. Kanye West broke his media blackout and conducted a brief interview to talk about his #7 ranking on the list, while Drake addressed his berth in song. 2 Chainz, however, is truly different.

On Thursday night, after the Atlanta rap star learned that he had secured the #2 spot on the list, he took to Twitter to acknowledge it all.

"Thanks MTV, headed to the lab ... Next album will hush all the critics that the 1st album didn't," he wrote. "Def a blessing.... Always wanted to be mentioned on that list."

The final two spots on the "Hottest MCs" list came down to Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz, and although K-Dot secured the top spot, MTV's Hip-Hop Brain Trust made a strong case for Chainz. And how could you not, Deuce's solo debut LP Based on a T.R.U. Story struck gold, earned him a Grammy nomination and spawned a number of successful singles like "No Lie," "Birthday Song" and "I'm Different." There were some who argued that Chainz wasn't as lyrical as Kendrick, but besides that there wasn't much to debate.

"He may not be a lyricist like Kendrick [Lamar], but he knew what worked for him, and he took what worked for him and was able to apply that to the masses," MTV News' Steven Roberts said.

2 Chainz didn't share his thoughts on the over list, unlike Kanye, who thought Lil Wayne should be #1 and that Big Sean should have made the top five, but he did give it up to Nas, who landed at #4. "Def kant f-- wit nas tho ,,,haha dat n---a ill....."

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