Justin Bieber 'Getting Better' After Concert Collapse

'Figuring out what happened,' Bieber tweets after being rushed to the hospital in London.

Justin Bieber is recovering after being taken to a hospital in London on Thursday (March 7). The singer reportedly struggled with breathing problems and collapsed backstage at his concert.

His manager, Scooter Braun, came onstage to tell the crowd at the O2 arena what was going on. "Justin got very light of breath. The whole show he's been complaining. He's backstage with the EMTs and the doctor," Braun said in a video posted on TMZ.

Witnesses said Justin went backstage and got oxygen from emergency personnel. Though it was recommended that he stop the show, Bieber was determined to power through for his fans, E! News reports. He got through four more songs and was taken to the hospital for evaluation immediately afterward.

Bieber slams "rumors, rumors and more rumors" about his week in London.

He has since tweeted that he's "getting better" and "figuring out what happened." He thanked his fans for the love and pulling him through the night.

This puts the icing on a crazy 19th-birthday week for Justin, who called out "dummies" for making it the "worst birthday" for the pop star.

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