‘American Idol’ Report Card: Burnell Taylor, Curtis Finch Make The Grade

Charlie Askew, Paul Jolley look like they're headed for permanent detention after Wednesday night's 'Idol.'

After the women of “American Idol” laid down the gauntlet 
 on Tuesday, it was the guys’ turn 
 on Wednesday to fight for the five finalist spots that will be handed out on Thursday night (March 7).

And, whereas the judges said it was going to be really hard to cut the ladies down to just five finalists, the job should not be that hard when it comes to the their male competition. The talent pool is way more shallow on the other side, with a roster of guys ranging from the strong (Burnell Taylor, Curtis Finch, Jr.) to the almost comically weak (Charlie Askew, Paul Jolley).

Who soared and who stumbled? Read on to find out!

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