Popcorn War! MTV Movie Awards Nominations Show Gets Greasy

'Catfish,' 'Teen Wolf,' JWoww and more: MTV News rounds up the top five moments from the Nominations Spectacular.

The Oscars may have come and gone, but there's still one movie awards show left — one that has cool categories like Best Kiss and Best Villain. That's right, it's the MTV Movie Awards! And on Tuesday night's "MTV Movie Awards Nominations Spectacular," MTV's own Josh Horowitz and "Jersey Shore" alum Jenni "JWoww" Farley ran through the list of nominees, with the help of other MTV characters.

The unpredictability of JWoww and Horowitz, along with some fun guessing games, highlighted the show. But if you missed it, we're running down the best moments from the special! Golden popcorn not included.

JWoww Talks Trash

Starting the special off right, JWoww decided to recount a tale of MTV Movie Awards past — when she was outshined by Lindsay Lohan, who at the time was supposed to be on house arrest and not attending glitzy awards shows. JWoww said that she first heard a flutter of security guard activity, followed by, "She's not supposed to be here."


Thankfully, according to JWoww, her "weird jumper" covered her police-mandated ankle bracelet (which apparently alerts authorities if she is crossing state lines but not if she's walking the red carpet) and, what's more, "She looked good... for Lindsay Lohan."

Snow Patrol

In an unexpected moment (even for us), Brittany Snow was beamed in via Skype following her nomination for Best Musical Moment (for her unexpectedly awesome a cappella comedy "Pitch Perfect"). A wildly enthusiastic Snow clued us in to the list of Best Scared-As-Sh-- Performances... but in riddles. Josh and JWoww took the challenge and named the scary-good noms, with a few frights along the way.

JWoww Loves Tom Hardy

In one of the best ongoing gags of the evening, JWoww repeatedly professed her love for "Dark Knight Rises" super-villain Tom Hardy. During the Best Kiss nominations presentation, which featured close-ups of each nominee's lips, JWoww exclaimed, time and time again, how not only should Tom Hardy be nominated, but how much she'd like to be a part of said kiss.

When Josh asked her what rating a movie featuring JWoww and Tom Hardy would garner, she shot back, "NC-17." Too easy. Later in the special, JWoww said that, should Tom Hardy show up to the awards show, she would bum-rush the stage. "Then you'll get your Best Kiss right there," she cooed.

Shirtless Catfish

Making light of the fact that "Catfish" co-creator Nev Schulman has had a mini cult following based around his onscreen shirtlessness (even when he's taken off his shirt, he's still rocking a hairy sweater), Schulman and his co-host Max Joseph were on hand to present the nominees for Best Shirtless Performance (a surprisingly crowded field).

Schulman took off layer after layer of T-shirts, each with a nominee printed on it — Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike" is clearly a lock — until he was left (of course) shirtless. Dude, might want to manscape just a little...

WTF Popcorn Fight

As the special wore on, it descended more and more into pure and utter madness. During the word-association game to introduce the Best WTF Moment nominees, the hosts were left hopelessly stumped.

While the two co-hosts had a kind of amiable, brother-sister relationship throughout the special, at this point, things devolved into end-of-road-trip bickering. The best part? An all-out popcorn war between Horowitz and JWoww. It was a WTF moment for all WTF moments.