'Iron Man 3' Trailer: Five Burning Questions

'What the hell is a Hulkbuster?' and four other Marvel mysteries we want answered.

Even though our heads are still spinning from all of those Iron Man suits, it's time to dissect the latest trailer from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Stark is having some trouble sleeping and an Oscar-winning international terrorist isn't making things easier.

The new preview for "Iron Man 3" has given us a fuller sense of what to expect when Robert Downey Jr. returns to the suit, but there are still some nagging questions that we just can't seem to wrap our heads — or self-applying body armors — around.

What's Wrong With Tony?

"Why can't I sleep?" The trailer begins with an introduction to an insomniac, post-"Avengers" Tony Stark. Everything in the life of the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist seems to be in order, but something is nagging at him. What could that be? After Iron Man's brief but meaningful trip into space during "The Avengers," rumors began circulating about Stark's limit pushing and his quest to keep the world safe. Will this unrest eventually drive to him to seek help from a team of rag-tag galactic guardians, perhaps?

How Crazy Is Ben Kingsley Going With The Mandarin?

Because it sounds like he's taking it all the way. "You'llll neverrrr see me comingggg." From what we've heard so far, Kingsley is really relishing the opportunity to play a big, bad superhero villain. "[Director] Shane [Black] allowed me to push the boundaries of the role so that I'm allowed to go a bit bonkers," Kingsley told Empire recently. But have we seen the extent of his crazy? We wouldn't bet on it. After "Iron Man 2" phoned it in the villain department, we're hoping for some fireworks from Kingsley and Mandarin.

What Requires Avenging?

At some point in "Iron Man 3," the Mandarin's attacks will become very, very personal to Tony. Sure, anyone would be mad if a terrorist destroyed his or her cliff-side mansion, but we're guessing there's more to this quest for vengeance. A previous trailer for "Iron Man 3" strongly hinted that Jon Favreau's Happy Hogan wouldn't be so happy during his third outing, possibly even dying. Is Happy's demise what has Tony out for revenge, or is there something we aren't seeing yet?

"Iron Man 3": That's a whole lot of armor!

What In Asgard Is A "Hulkbuster"?

The trailer's big reveal comes right at the very end, about a dozen autonomous Iron Man suits arriving on the scene to provide backup for Tony and Rhodey. There will certainly be plenty of dissections of which armor does what, but the final suit to arrive on the scene, the one that bursts through some scenery, is perhaps the most noteworthy. Known casually as the "Hulkbuster," this suit comes straight from the comics, where Tony created an armor specifically to handle an out-of-control Bruce Banner, if something were to ever go wrong with his newest science buddy. If the Hulkbuster is down for a cameo in "Iron Man 3," will we see some reference to the man it's designed to fend off? Could this be the film's connection to the larger Avengers universe?

What's Left?

As excited as the fans are in the wake of the latest trailer, doesn't it feel like Marvel showed a little too much of their hand? While we're sure there's much more to see from the Battle of Many Iron Men, planting that reveal in the trailer — though tantalizing — comes off as a bit spoiler-y. But whether "Iron Man 3" showed off its most spectacular moments in the new trailer, it does reassure us that there are that many badass sequences.

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