Fabolous And Pusha T Toast Newcomer Troy Ave

Rapper drops Troy Ave Presents: BSB mixtape after Fab and Pusha share their support with Mixtape Daily.

Mixtape Daily: O.D. Exclusive

Real Spit:Troy Ave has a good thing going. Not only did the Brooklyn MC drop a new mixtape on Monday (March 4), but Troy has made key appearances alongside

Fabolous and Pusha T on their tapes and has had everyone from Pete Rock to Funk Master Flex and even Toronto singer/songwriter the Weeknd tweeting about him and his music.

So what is it that has everyone talking about Troy Ave?

"I think he's another shine on New York, as far as our scene of the new generation of music that's coming," Fabolous told MTV News.

Loso and Troy have a few collaborations in the can already. Most recently the BK upstart laid the hook for "Only Life I Know," the emotionally drenched hustle fest from 2012's The Soul Tape 2. Actually, Fab credits Ave with not only laying the hook, but helping him create the track. "He brought me the beat and was like, 'Yo I got this beat I think will be dope,' " he explained. "I had that song in my head, but didn't have the right beat for it yet and it just came to me through Troy Ave."

Pusha T sees promise in the up-and-coming rapper as well. "Me and Troy Ave just have a history. I have been a fan of Troy Ave since he had the ['Rep It Wit My Heart' video], just running through the streets. And I just thought he was dope," he said of the 2007 clip.

Together Troy and the Clipse MC got together on "Road Runner," from his Wrath of Caine mixtape, and since then, the self-proclaimed Harry Powder has received co-signs from others. A few weeks ago, production icon Pete Rock tweeted at Troy and expressed interest in working with him. The result was "The Symphony," a stand-out track from 2013's Troy Ave Presents: BSB, a group mixtape with Avon Blocksdale and King Sevin. The tape also features production from Tha Bizness on "So Ambitious" and Sunny Dukes on "Four Ring Thing."

Troy first got his start in the early 2000s after he crafted his rap moniker from the same Brooklyn block that he grew up on. From there, he made his mark with his Bricks in my Backpack mixtape trilogy. Along the way, he has been flooding the Internet with his street-driven, drug raps. "The Internets embraced it so crazy. It's like backpack rap, but then I'm talking about street stuff," he told us in an interview last year.

As of now Troy Ave remains unsigned, but with a confirmed appearance on Funk Master Flex's upcoming mixtape and of host of other collaborations, it can't be long until the underground star takes his game to the next level.