The Saturdays Hope Girl Groups Achieve 'World Domination'

'We want to make everyone be into girl bands, not just boy bands,' singer Rochelle Humes tells MTV News.

If 2012 was the year of the boy band, then there's a good chance 2013 can be ladies' night, all year long.

Every week, the Saturdays are reviving girl power on their E! series, "Chasing the Saturdays." But following not far behind the British gals are a bunch of other ladies hoping to dominate the charts.

Fifth Harmony are working on their debut album, and Little Mix have just landed Stateside with their single "Wings." If these bands are looking for any inspiration, they might want to adopt the Saturdays' mantra of "world domination."

"I remember there was that period of time where boy bands were big back in the day and the Spice Girls were around. And then it kind of went quiet for a little while and we've been sort of flying the girl-band flag for the last five years back home," Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes told MTV News. "We always say 'world domination.' So we want to kind of step by step make everyone be into girl bands, not just boy bands."

The Saturdays were psyched for the Destiny's Child reunion!

While girl groups have always had their devotees, Frankie Sandford notes that their fans are very different than a boy band's fans, mostly because of the lack of "hysteria." "It's kind of more about girls [being] interested in what we're wearing, or they might like what we've done," Humes said. "It's different sort of like appreciation. They'd like to maybe dance along with us, but they're not screaming outside our hotel room. It's fine, but it's just very different. It's just nice."

Could the Kardashians be a girl group?

Not that they have any beef with boy bands. Mollie King recently

target="_blank">worked with the Backstreet Boys on their new album, and Humes is married to JLS member Marvin Humes. And she thinks his band's music is the perfect addition to your boy-band playlist.

"Of course I think that. [Britain] really did the boy-band overload before they started coming over here," she laughed when asked if JLS will soon be crossing the pond to find fame and fortune in the U.S.

"They were there first back home. [I] hope they come over here."