3D Na'Tee Wants Rap's Top Spot, Regardless Of Gender

'I wanna go down as one of the best period,' 3D Na'Tee tells Mixtape Daily.

Firestarter: 3D Na'Tee

Each time a new female MC comes into play, she's expected to stand in some girly rap niche, spitting estrogen-pumped bars. New Orleans native 3D Na'Tee, however, is looking to fill in a bigger void — the one left by lyrically deficient rappers.

"There's no gender to real hip-hop. For the past couple of years, there's been a lack of female lyricists," she told Mixtape Daily. "I'ma be the best and when I ask who is someone's top five rappers, usually they name five male rappers, I wanna go down as one of the best period."

Na'Tee is well on her way. While she has been grinding in New Orleans for years, the nimble-tongued lyricist turned heads with her 2011 self-directed music video for "Switch," a freestyle rhyme where she ran through a number of different Timbaland instrumentals, using three-different personalities in a creative one-woman rap cypher. The video was so impressive that it immediately caught the attention of Timbo, who began working with 3D on her 2012 mixtape The Coronation. Eventually Na'Tee and Tim would amicably part ways. She also turned down a deal with Def Jam Records.

"I did turn down a deal. I turned down a few deals actually," she said. "It wasn't me trying to be hard-headed or want this amount of money, or these demands. It was me looking for the right type of situation for me."

While she seeks out that perfect situation, Na'Tee continues to pump out songs, freestyles and videos through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as well as her own 3D Na'Tee app for iPhone and Android users. Most recently Na'Tee has wowed fans with a viral freestyle over A$AP Rocky's "F---in' Problems" instrumental. On it she spit densely packed player bars like: "I'ma mess love, you won't get your chest rubbed/ Or a text love, without a copy of your check stub."

With a veteran's delivery and a rookie's promise, it shouldn't be long before Na'Tee gets the deal that she is looking for. Until then, there's no hard feelings. "Of course I'ma gonna work with Tim, of course I'm gonna do some stuff with Def Jam and anybody else that's gonna wanna work," she said. "Right now I'm just looking for the right situation."

It should only be a matter of time.