Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! Here's (1)9 Of Your Best Moments!

As Bieber turns 19, MTV News celebrates his greatest accomplishments of the past 12 months.

We want to start this off by saying: Happy birthday, Justin Bieber!

But instead of just sending Biebs b-day kisses, we decided that there's no better way to honor his bright future than by looking at his very impressive past year. So, as he celebrates turning the big 1-9, MTV News decided to pay tribute to his most memorable (1)9 moments of the last 12 months. #Leggo

If He Was Our Boyfriend

Some celebrities are America's sweethearts, and then there's Justin. In the past year, even for non-Beliebers, the teen dream has managed to win everyone over. And, it all started with his Believe track "Boyfriend," when he pledged to make us swaggy and fondue. Yes, please.

He Believed. Twice.

One thing you can never call Justin is lazy. The studio rat not only gifted us with Believe last June, but six months later, he broke out his acoustic guitar for Believe Acoustic, on which he channeled his more mature-sounding voice and some heartache into tunes we couldn't stop listening to.

All Around The World

While his concert has remained vomit-free (and spaghetti and milk-free) since he kicked it off last September, he hasn't given up on his love for slick dance moves, white denim and flying onstage with massive chariot wings. He will continue to dazzle the world with the trek until August, when it wraps up about six months shy of his big 20th birthday.

One Direction To Broville

Bieber and 1D aren't rivals. Instead, they're pals. And, after the six were spotted hanging out together in a L.A. recording studio last April, fans have been anxiously awaiting a collabo. Since then, the only thing they've managed to collaborate on are bro sessions.

19 Swagged-Out GIFs Just for Justin on His Birthday!

His Body Is A Wonderland

Earlier this week, Bieber celebrated his b-day by getting an "X" scribbled on his arm, but over the course of the last year, he's really upped his tat game. Among the ink he's added includes an owl, the word "Believe" and the Stratford Culliton hockey team logo.

He Fell in Love with a Beauty... and a Beat

Not unfamiliar with the concept of viral videos or punking people, Bieber pulled the ultimate prank when he pretended that a laptop of his was stolen last October. The "stolen" property ended up being anything but. Instead, the "recovered footage" ended up being the music video for "Beauty and a Beat." Oh, Justin.

Double Duty

There are very few people in the world who can host and perform on "Saturday Night Live" in the same week. And he even pulled it off while NYC was blanketed with snow after a storm. But Justin did it, and even had a laugh or two at his own expense. Your move, Timberlake.

Ustream vs. Bieber

The internet got its revenge on Bieber after that "Beauty and a Beat" ploy in February. All Bieber wanted to do was host a live stream for his fans and give them some new music, offering up some Grammy Awards counterprogramming. He couldn't get it off the ground. But, he triumphed and gave fans "You Want Me" anyway. The world swooned in response.

He Grew Up... A Lot ...

The biggest takeaway from looking back is that he's matured. And while he's faced some controversy and some heartbreak, also managed to stay real. It's not easy to grow up with the world watching, but he's proved you can do it with a lot of charm, an insane amount of swag and a good-natured chuckle every now and then. His idol Chuck Norris would certainly approve of the man that Bieber is on his way to becoming.

What's your favorite moment from Bieber's 19th year? Tell us in the comments!