Will Nicki Minaj Break Up With 'Idol' For New Album?

Nicki tells MTV News about juggling her judge and musician jobs.

Nicki Minaj just might be one of the hardest working women in show business. The YMCMB rapper dropped her last album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - The Re-Up just a few weeks before her debut as a judge on "American Idol," and she's just about ready to begin work on her next studio project.

First thing's first though, as Nicki still has plans to roll out more visuals from The Re-Up before she moves onto something new.

"It's possible, but for right now, I'm about to shoot another single off The Re-Up," she told MTV News, when asked if she'll start recording soon. "The song is called 'High School' with Wayne. And then [I'll] start working on that follow-up album.

"I'll be doing it here in L.A. while I'm shooting 'Idol,' " she added, confirming that she'll continue to juggle multiple projects like we saw her doing last year in her three-part E! reality special.

Since Nicki hasn't clocked in any studio time just yet, it was impossible for her to explain exactly what fans might expect on her next album, but she did offer up this tidbit. "It's gonna be the direction of the new songs that I put out on the re-release," she said.

In the meantime, Nicki is dedicating her energy to picking the next big star on "American Idol," and she has high hopes that a female will come out on top this year.

"The stars have aligned and the girls that have come to audition for us have had just had strong voices like I don't know what," Minaj told MTV News. "We narrowed it down to some great girls. I think we did a great job picking amazing voices, so I am actually hoping a girl wins this year."

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