Exclusive: ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Actress ‘Kept It Real’ As ‘Rihanna’

Tiffany Robinson talks to MTV News and says Chris Brown-inspired episode tackled the seriousness of domestic violence.

The events of Wednesday night’s “Law & Order: SVU” may or may not closely resemble Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship (and, more specifically, Brown’s 2009 assault of Rihanna ). While some of the episode draws direct parallels, along the way, it takes on a life, and story, of its own.

The episode’s leading lady Tiffany Robinson revealed that the sharpest turn the episode takes away from the real-life incidents wasn’t even supposed to be there to begin with.

Spoilers ahead

“When I thought about the different options, I really made my peace with the decision that they made,” Robinson explained to MTV News about the death of her character, Micha. After Micha runs off with her abusive boyfriend, fellow pop star Caleb (played by Roca), she ends up dead after a heated argument. Initially, the characters were just supposed to run off to Bermuda together, giving the episode a happier ending. But some last-minute conversations led to the more-dramatic conclusion.

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