Diddy, Mark Wahlberg Launch Water For Those 'Play Hard' Nights

'I drank this water. I loved the way it tasted. It gave me a certain amount of energy,' says Diddy about AQUAhydrate.

Water, water everywhere, but who wants to drink plain old tap, right? Mark Wahlberg and Diddy want you to uncap some AQUAhydrate, which is like the old stuff, but a bit more ... jacked.

MTV News caught up with the pair on Wednesday and Diddy said the drink has been a big part of him changing some lifelong bad habits. "I grew up a Kool-Aid kid, I would drink sodas, juices everything ... and never drank water because I didn't like the way it tasted," said Diddy at the announcement of his partnership with Wahlberg to help sell the drink touted as having a higher pH level than normal water.

"I drank this water. I loved the way it tasted. It gave me a certain amount of energy, a certain amount of focus and helped me with my recovery for those nights where ... I do work hard, but it is a known fact that I do play hard," said Diddy. So, on those mornings when he needs a bit of recovery from the previous night's revelry, the globetrotting producer/rapper/entrepreneur said AQUA is his secret weapon.

While praising Diddy's business savvy, Wahlberg said both men bring their own history and expertise to the product. "With the success that we've had individually, what could we do together?" said Wahlberg, hinting that the pair is planning a number of other business ventures in the future. "We're better together. We're stronger together. We can draw more and get more eyeballs," added Diddy.

Don't get it twisted, though. They may be dedicated business partners working to get the word out about their latest venture, but Wahlberg copped to the fact that both like to run with the ball and score, not just facilitate.

The plan is to leverage the two stars' popularity and media savvy to create a new line of water products with nutritional benefits for the company launched in 2004. Wahlberg said he drank it while he was filming "The Fighter" to keep himself ready for action, and Combs, well, as the face of Ciroc vodka, he sometimes needs those performance-grade electrolytes replenished.