Fun.'s 'Why Am I The One' Video: Lost Luggage And Laments

In their brand-new video, Fun. lose their luggage ... something they've done more than a few times in real life.

When Fun. invited MTV News to the set of their "Why Am I the One" video earlier this month, they were a bit road-weary, but still focused on the task at hand: completing the clip before heading to Los Angeles for the Grammys (a trip which, as you are probably aware, turned out pretty well for them).

Of course, given that the video follows a lost piece of luggage on a cross-country trip, well, it sort of matched not only their mood, but served as a rather apt metaphor for the past year of their lives ... during which they've spent no shortage of time on the road. And, as you'd probably expect, losing their fair share of luggage, too.

"Andrew [Dost] always loses his luggage," frontman Nate Ruess joked about the band's multi-instrumentalist. "He's the worst traveler out of all of us."

"When we went to Japan this past year for the first time, there's a health check you have to go through; it's two women with doctor's masks and flashlights," guitarist Jack Antonoff added. "Nate goes through, and I go through, and then Andrew goes through and they looked at him for a minute, then were like 'No. You are going in a cage.' They were like 'You are bad for our country.'"

Dost, it should be noted, interrupted things here to point out though had "food poisoning" during the trip, and was "really pale and sweaty," he was never actually put in a cage (his bandmates couldn't stop laughing, for the record). And though their globe-spanning tours may not look like much fun in the "Why Am I the One" video, the band say they still haven't lost the desire to take their Some Nights album out on the road ... something they'll do once again here in the states this summer, with Tegan & Sara in tow.

"I'm still very much in love with touring," Ruess said. "I mean, it's the reason we started this band in the first place, and it's something we continue to focus on."

"We can't wait to take a band like Tegan & Sara out with us; they've always been a band we look to for inspiration, in terms of the way they've grown with their fans, the way they've handled their career," Antonoff said. "It's a really exciting time for us, because, kind of like they've done, we're trying to take this band, our music and our show to places it's never been."