'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Photos: What Are We Seeing?

Marc Webb's 'Spider-Man' sequel is in production, and photos from the set are beginning to appear online. MTV News has more.

It's official, folks: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back in action.

Set photos are beginning to leak from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," Sony and director Marc Webb's follow-up to the 2012 superhero reboot. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are back in action as young lovebirds Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, sticking together and slogging through Peter's crime-fighting lifestyle despite the late Captain George Stacy's dying wish.

The new photos bring us a fresh new look at Spidey's fresh new digs. On the surface, his costume looks no different from what we saw in the first "Amazing" film, but there are important distinctions between the super-suits. But before we dive into that, let's look back on what we've seen from the Spidey sequel so far.

What We've Seen: Webb has not been shy about spinning his web in public. The filmmaker has taken to Twitter to tease out-of-context imagery from the set of the next "Spider-Man" movie, with highlights including a seemingly innocuous locker that some have taken as a sign of the Green Goblin's arrival. Webb also posted a video that teased the new Spider-Man costume — specifically, the new eyes on the mask. The tweets are coming in fast and furious, so if you're a "Spider-Man" fan and you're dying to see more, make sure you're following @MarcW to get a front-row look at the action.

What We're Seeing Now: This week, Spider-Man's brand-new costume made its debut in the form of an official photo and these new leaks from the set. The differences between the "Amazing" costume of yesteryear and the new version are subtle, but important. Gone are the reflective eyes in the Spider-mask; gone is the basketball-texture of the original suit.

The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" costume gives the wall-crawler a set of big white eyes that appear to have popped straight off the comic book page and into live-action. The texture of the suit is smoother, too, with a more pronounced insignia on the chest. Based on the first photos from the set, we can also see that the "sneaker" look of Spider-Man's footwear is gone, traded in for a more traditional style that blends seamlessly with the rest of the suit. All told, from the official photo of the costume to the spy pictures from the set, we can expect to see a new and improved web-slinger when "Amazing Spider-Man 2" arrives, if only on looks alone.

What We Want To See Next: Honestly, we don't need to see much more of Spidey himself — one really good look at the costume is enough to tide most of us over. What we would prefer to see is more of the rest of the cast: Jamie Foxx suiting up as Electro, Paul Giamatti getting horny as The Rhino, and Dane DeHaan grooming himself with classic Harry Osborn hair. (Okay, we probably won't see that, but we can dream.) No matter where you stand on "The Amazing Spider-Man," most can agree that Garfield knocked it out of the park as Parker. We don't need to see more of him to get excited. We need a longer view at the rest of Webb's web, and we hope to get it soon.

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