Oscars' Five Funniest Moments: Seth MacFarlane, Halle Berry's 'Pussy Galore'

Seth MacFarlane's jokes were so bad at the Oscars, Captain James T. Kirk had to travel back in time to try to help him. Of course, that was the gag.

MacFarlane mocked plenty of people, including himself, while hosting the 85th annual Academy Awards. The "Family Guy" creator's mere invitation to head up Hollywood's most prestigious affair offered some forewarning that the telecast would have more irreverence than any past ceremonies.

Many online critics pounced on some of MacFarlane's more adventurous material for its divisiveness. Cracks aimed at Chris Brown and Mel Gibson fell flat, with both topics eliciting audible groans from the audience. MacFarlane seemed to lose the audience at one point to such an extent that they groaned at a joke about Lincoln's assassination. (Too soon? Really?)

But not everyone was a critic: An hour into the show, Patton Oswalt tweeted: "Hey Twitter -- Seth's doing a good job."

Of course, MacFarlane wasn't the only one going for laughs. Even Daniel Day-Lewis brought jokes! Here they are, the Funniest Moments from the 2013 Oscars:

"We Saw Your Boobs"

Hands-down (tops-off?) the most talked-about moment of the night, save for Jennifer's Lawrence's unfortunate fall, perhaps, was MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs," the musical number that sent Captain Kirk back in time due to its tastelessness. Love it or hate it, actresses from Lawrence to Naomi Watts played along, and it certainly generated laughs. On Twitter, film critic Richard Roeper demanded that the song be available for his iPod, immediately.

Tommy Lee Jones Smiles!

Early in the broadcast, something magical happened: Tommy Lee Jones laughed! Known for his gruff characters and sometimes even grouchier interactions with the press, Tommy Lee Jones isn't generally thought of as happy-go-lucky. Toward the top of his monologue, MacFarlane declared, "And the quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begins now!" Mission accomplished! Pretty great.

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Best Play-Off Music Ever

If you're gonna get kicked off the stage, why not have it happen to the theme from "Jaws"? This year, producers had some fun with the play-off music, first employing the iconic theme to speed up the Best Visual Effects team from "Life of Pi." While some found it rude and disrespectful, others found it hilarious and creative. Perhaps there was something even more deeply clever about the first usage of the "Jaws" theme beneath the surface too: mechanical shark music being used on guys who won with lots of CGI ...

Daniel Day-Lewis ... Is Funny?

Who would have thought Daniel Day-Lewis, the guy perpetually drinking our collective milkshake with his method acting, would crack some jokes while breaking a record? "Three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, I had actually been committed to play Margaret Thatcher," he deadpanned as he accepted his third Best Actor Oscar, making him the first male actor to ever win as many. "Meryl [Streep] was Steven's first choice for 'Lincoln.' And I'd like to see that version. And Steven didn't have to persuade me to play Lincoln, but I had to persuade him that, perhaps, if I was going to do it, that Lincoln shouldn't be a musical."

Halle Berry Says 'Pussy Galore'

Hey, it was just one Bond girl talking about another Bond girl, but she still paused for dramatic effect and the audience definitely laughed. Yes, the name of the character Ian Fleming created in the James Bond novel "Goldfinger" back in 1959, and who was played memorably by Honor Blackman in the film version five years later, still elicits "Beavis and Butthead" style chuckles. To quote Bond himself from the film, after the gorgeous femme fatale says her name to him for the first time: "I must be dreaming."