Demi Lovato Releases 'Risk'-Filled 'Heart Attack'

Singer battles between letting go and leaving her defenses up on the single off her 2013 album release.

Call 911, Demi Lovato's "Heart Attack" is out. On Sunday night, Lovato released her brand-new single before its scheduled March 4 release date; giving fans a sneak peek at her 2013 album release.

The up-tempo lead single is highlighted by a big booming beat and guitar. Lovato's voice is on full display as she belts about "taking a risk" in love. She sings, "Never put my love out on the line/ Never said 'yes' to the right guy... When I don't care/ I can play 'em like a Ken doll/ Won't wash my hair/ Then make 'em bounce like a basketball."

While Lovato seems to have finally found a guy who makes her want to "act like a girl," her reservations are still strong on the power pop chorus, "You make me glow/ But I cover up/ Won't let it show/ So I'm putting my defenses up/ 'Cause I don't want to fall in love/ If I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack."

Lovato opened up about the track to MTV News earlier this month, explaining that the she could really relate to "Heart Attack."

"And the title is just about falling in love and taking that risk. But, she's terrified and, by 'she,' I mean me. But, I think everyone comes to a point where they feel very vulnerable in falling in love and that's what I'm talking about," she explained, adding that the video will be "fashion-based" and "performance-based."

Lovato hasn't revealed when her album will drop, but she did reveal that she's got some big plans for the release, her first since 2011's Unbroken.

"Well not only does the album say a lot about where I am in life right now [but] like there's follow-up songs," she teased. "I feel like one is a follow-up song to 'Skyscraper.' I feel like other ones talk about some issues I haven't spoken about. I'm continuing to let out a lot of things therapeutically on my music and I'm very thankful I have the opportunity to do that.

"I've been working with incredible producers," she added. "There's so many I don't even know who to name, but I do have a collaboration with somebody. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell but it'll be dope."