Anne Hathaway's Nipples And The Oscars' Biggest Social Trends

Jennifer Lawrence's tumble and Bond girls past and present had Twitter buzzing.

What had Twitter buzzing during the Oscars? Let's take a closer look at Sunday's social-media swirl!

Anne Hathaway

The second Anne Hathaway stepped on the red carpet, the Internet started buzzing. The starlet showed everyone at home that the red carpet was a little chilly, telling MTV News, "I should probably tone it down." After her "Les Misérables" performance and winning the Best Supporting Actress award , Hathaway gained attention for her talents and not her wardrobe malfunction.

James Bond

After flashing through the most memorable 007 clips for the 50th anniversary of the franchise, Dame Shirley Bassey catapulted our James Bond love on social when she took us back to vintage James Bond days and put on a killer "Goldfinger" performance. Then Adele sparkled and we swooned during her "Skyfall" performance. Lots of comparisons between the two singers, but the majority were saying that Shirley's performance was the victor! Adele did leave with the Best Original Song Oscar, which makes her the winner this time.

Anne Hathaway's Prada Dress At 2013 Oscars Inspires Nipple Twitter Parodies


We swooned as soon as Reese Witherspoon stepped on the red carpet in her royal-blue Louis Vuitton dress with old-Hollywood hair and makeup. Who helped the actress pick it out and our mouths dropped: It was Reese Witherspoon's daughter, who is only 13. No way! Twitter went crazy for the Southern belle again when she stepped onstage as a presenter. Royal blue seems to be a lucky color for an awards show; just ask Jodie Foster.

Quvenzhané Wallis

Though Quvenzhané Wallis didn't take home the Best Actress Oscar, she was one of our favorite people of the night. This 9-year-old gained serious style points when she stepped onto the red carpet in custom Armani Junior and her signature puppy purse. Meeting celebs like Jennifer Hudson, Chris Tucker and Halle Berry, the young actress remained chill and composed. Whenever the camera was pointed at her during the show, her arms went up and a double-flexing fist pump followed. She's also the youngest person to be nominated for an Oscar — and that's pretty awesome.

Jennifer Lawrence

Not only did the "Silver Linings Playbook" actress leave with one of the best honors of the night, she also made us giddy on Twitter. With her obsession for McDonald's on the red carpet, her triumphant reaction to not showing us her boobs and falling up the stairs en route to accept her Best Actress award , you can't help but adore Jennifer Lawrence.

Honorable mention: Da-dum, da-dum. The cut-off music was the theme song for "Jaws," and it was hilarious.