Why Was Kristen Stewart On Crutches At Oscars?

'On the Road' actress hits red carpet and makes a pass at why she hurt her foot.

We were expecting it all at the 2013 Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence's huge princess gown, Anne Hathaway's shiny Prada (nipple) dress, and even Quvenzhané Wallis' puppy purse wasn't too out of the ordinary. But when MTV and VH1 saw Kristen Stewart hobbling down the red carpet, they just had to know where she got those faaabulous... crutches.

"Kristen!" MTV News' Josh Horowitz yelled across the carpet, where the "On the Road" actress was slowly hopping by. She was unlikely to hear, given the distance and the flurry of media around her, but Josh and Kristen have a long history of interviews behind them, so KStew couldn't pass up a few words.

"What happened?" he asked, speaking for the rest of us scratching our heads at home. People, however, seemed to have an idea, reporting that the actress severely cut her foot by stepping on broken glass.

"I'm an idiot," Stewart responded. She shrugged her shoulders, shook her head and moved on.

Kristen rocks Reem Acra, crutches and one shoe!

It seemed as though Kristen might've been channeling clumsy Bella Swan when she got hurt — maybe she tripped, maybe she almost got pinned against her pickup truck or maybe she was getting chased by an evil vampire coven. (KStew, "Twilight" is over. You can break character now.)

Later, she took the stage to present the production design award with Daniel Radcliffe. Sans crutches, she made it safely to the microphone to deliver the nominees.

Get better soon, Kristen! If you need more signatures on your cast, you know where we are.