Bathroom Floods During Oscars

Nearly half of the Dolby Theatre lobby is covered in standing water as attendees stream in.

With the Oscars red carpet unfurled and Hollywood's hottest arriving en masse, there's bound to be a snafu or two along the way — a torn train, a ripped seam or a face full of melted makeup. But the Dolby Theatre witnessed a wet and wild mishap no one could have predicted.

According to sources inside the venue, a women's restroom in the lobby of the theater has flooded, leaving about 40 percent of the foyer underneath an inch of standing water, as the stars attempt to enter for the 85th annual ceremony.

House maintenance is on the scene with wet vacs, mopping up the mess.

With the auditorium opening early to allow stars to settle in and take their seats, a plan is now in effect to divert talent, avoiding soggy Manolos and drenched hems. For those in need of facilities, there is still one functional restroom open to the public.