Jenny McCarthy To Tackle Leno, Letterman With ‘Chick Sexiness’

'God bless them they are sexy. I just feel like I want to bring back a little chick sexiness to late night too,' actress tells MTV News.

Jenny McCarthy is no stranger to “sexy,” and in her new VH1 talk show, she plans to bring it “back to late night.”

“Looking at like Jay Leno and David Letterman, God bless them they are sexy. I just feel like I want to bring back a little chick sexiness to late night too,” she told MTV News about “The Jenny McCarthy Show.”

And every Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET, the former Playboy Playmate plans on doing exactly that during what McCarthy dubs as the after-party or VIP room “you keep going after the bars close.” On the program she chats with an assortment of her celebrity friends, discussing everything from pop culture to S-E-X. Plus, to steam things up during the evening, she’ll lay down with one lucky guest for an up close and personal interview McCarthy refers to as “groundbreaking.”

“I usually like to ask what I call groundbreaking questions and that usually has to do with really exciting things to do with the guest’s sex life, sex choices, turn-ons, fantasies, and secrets,” McCarthy explained. “So when we get on the ground you know there’s going to be something sex related in that part.”

While McCarthy was tightlipped regarding her own sexual escapades — “I’m not giving you a thing at all,” she laughed — she did reveal some ladies she’d love at her “after-party.” While Rihanna (“That bitch is crazy and seems like so much fun!”) and Nicki Minaj (“She would be so explosive in her personality, I would definitely want to have her there!”) made the cut, one pop star that did not make McCarthy’s guest list was Taylor Swift.

“I don’t think I’d want her at my party because she’d probably write a song about me afterwards,” McCarthy replied when asked if she’d want to party with the country singer. “It would not be good.”

Check out “The Jenny McCarthy Show” on VH1 at 10:30p.m. ET every Friday!

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