Wiz And Amber's Baby Bling: A Wish List For Sebastian

Sebastian 'The Bash' Taylor Thomaz is bound to be a stylish baby, so MTV News found some of Hollywood's most chic baby products.

Ever since Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose first announced the birth of their new bundle of joy, Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz on Thursday, it looks like Baby Bash is destined for a life of luxury.

So what kind of a posh environment will Sebastian go home to once he leaves the hospital? To get an idea, MTV News caught up with Bill Horn a representative for Bel Bambini, the high-end baby boutique in West Hollywood where Amber and Wiz were spotted last year.

While Horn wouldn't confirm or deny that they are customers, citing customer confidentially, he did put together a list of baby must-haves that he felt would fit the couple, and baby Sebastian, perfectly.

A Wiz-approved baby bag

Now that Wiz is going from rapper duty to diaper duty, he's going need something to match his look. While most baby accessories are designed for the mom, this one is "perfect for Wiz," Horn said. "It's a very masculine diaper bag and he seems like a modern type of guy," he said. " It marries those two things perfectly and it's little Rock n' Roll."

An Amber-approved nursing cover

Throughout her pregnancy, Amber managed to have a maintain a colorful and modern style that flaunted her baby bump perfectly. It's safe to assume that she will want to maintain that style while she's nursing. Horn suggests the Bebe au Lait "Jaipur" nursing cover.

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"It almost seems like a handkerchief print and something that you can throw it on top of stroller for privacy," Horn said. "It seems like something that would go with all her crazy outfits."

Hater blockers

There is no question that "The Bash" will be a very fashionable baby. Aside from his likely black-and-yellow attire, he'll also need some accessories, and nothing completes a look like a pair of aviators, or in this case, Babiators.

"Obviously there are tons of practical fun things you can get for babies, but the Babiators are just so funny and over-the-top," Horn said. "You want your kid to look cool and chic."

Drop-top stroller

Now that Sebastian is decked out in his designer duds, he of course has to travel around in style, and while he may need to wait a few years to drive Wiz's drop-top Porsche, he can cruise around in a drop-top stroller in the meantime.

"It's a huge seller because it also doubles as a car seat, it's very cool looking very different from anything else on the market and it's extremely popular with celebrities," Horn said. "It's perfect for privacy, it has a paparazzi shield built in, it's a piece of material that pulls over almost like a hood, its breathable, its perfect for them if they want to keep their child's face covered at any time and not have to have the prying eyes of the paparazzi and pull that shield down."

Swaggy baby swing

After a long day, there is one thing that both baby and parents will crave: the baby swing. The MamaRoo baby swing is a favorite among celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari, but there's a specific reason why Wiz might like this product.

"It's made from a company from Pittsburgh, and I know that's where Wiz is from and the company are big Wiz fans. One of the reasons I picked that we thought it would be something that he would enjoy because of the hometown connection," Horn said. "It mimics a motion a mom or dad would make when soothing your baby. They will have challenging days ahead with a newborn, they are tough because you don't get any sleep. We find the MamRoo really helps parents get over their initial hump."