Carly Rae Jepsen Gets 'Over You' In New Video

Jepsen falls for a bad boy, again and again, in her 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' video.

Looking to get your groove on this weekend and dance your heartbreak away? Well, just in time for your Friday night dance party, Carly Rae Jepsen has dropped her video for "Tonight I'm Getting Over You."

The clip follows Jepsen, hung up on her bad-boy ex, watching old home videos on repeat. When she isn't pining for the love she once had, she's kicking him to the curb, just as the song kicks into dance-floor overdrive. Done up in her best punk-inspired gear, Carly is pretty torn up over her knit-cap-loving former flame.

While the video mostly follows Jepsen and her video boy's hot and cold love affair, ranging from the good (flea marketing, eating donuts) to the bad (fights on the beach, crying alone in a bathtub), it also cuts to shots of Jepsen and her co-star jumping in front of a backdrop, giving the video a sort of fashion-magazine vibe as well.

By the end of the visual, which feels a little bit like the PG version of Rihanna's "We Found Love," Carly and her man seem to have reconciled, sharing kisses all over Los Angeles. But given how chopped up the narrative of the video is at times, maybe it's just a memory. Or perhaps true love has prevailed.

"Tonight I'm Getting Over You" is the fourth single from Jepsen's 2012 debut album, Kiss, following the Grammy-nominated "Call Me Maybe," her Owl City collaboration "Good Time" and the rave-themed video for "This Kiss."

The video's on-again, off-again affair was very much inspired by events in Jepsen's real life. "With this particular song, it was sort of that decision that even though [the relationship] is hot and cold, sometimes you've got to move on," she recently told People about "Tonight." "I think it's important to have a bit of a connection to a song that you sing, and there's going to be some grittiness behind it, because otherwise it doesn't come across as sincere. So I do think I tap into those memories in a certain way, but it doesn't make me feel sad. It just makes me feel a little contemplative and in the moment."

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