Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose's Road To Baby: A Timeline

We look back at the new parents' whirlwind romance, all leading up to the birth of Sebastian Thomaz on Thursday.

Amber Rose has said that she and Wiz Khalifa fell for each other hard and fast, and that's been evident over the past couple of years. The pair officially began dating in 2011, and since then, they've been inseparable. They got engaged last spring, sharing the moment with fans on Twitter, and they welcomed their first child, Sebastian Thomaz, into the world Thursday — but it's been a memorable ride throughout.

January 2011: Public Declaration

After weeks of rumors that a newly single Amber Rose had been dating Wiz Khalifa, the model took to Twitter to post a very public confirmation of her bond with the rapper (real name: Cameron Thomaz), writing, "I need my baby. I'm so in LOVE I don't care what anyone says that's my baby I found happiness my heart is with Cam."

February 2011: All in a Photo

Wiz Khalifa covered FADER with James Blake in 2011, but inside the pages of the magazine were also very intimate photos of the couple spending quality time together. Here was the picture proof fans were looking for.

March 2011 'RapFix Live' Appearance

Amber accompanied Wiz during a visit to "RapFix Live," where they opened up about their strategy for dealing with the tabloid headlines about their relationship. "We just stay positive with each other, that's the important thing," Wiz said. "The game will try to tear you down and try to make you feel like what you have already is not enough. We're very, very close and we understand each other's life."

July 2011: Put It in Ink

In the weeks after a nude photo scandal caused some distress, Amber expressed her appreciation for Wiz and all his support by getting "Cam" (short for his full name Cameron) tattooed on her finger, tweeting, "I want his name tatted on me a million times. He's a dream come true..... He's my Angel." Wiz had gotten "Amber" tattooed on his own hand earlier in the year.

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August 2011: VMA Debut

The couple made a very public debut at the 2011 MTV VMAs, looking crisp in white and sticking by each other's sides all night. They weren't shy to admit that they'd been talking a lot about marriage. "We discuss it all the time; like he said, we're very much in love," Rose told MTV News "But, ya know, we're just going to take our time and just enjoy each other right now. We're both really busy and we work really hard, and when the time comes, it's gonna come."

September 2011: Elope?

Amber joined Wiz and his friends in Vegas to celebrate his birthday, and photos from the wild getaway sparked rumors that the couple got married while they were out in Sin City. Turns out it wasn't true, but they still saw it on the horizon. "Oh yeah, absolutely, man; it's gonna happen," Wiz told MTV News at the time about potentially getting hitched. "Like we said, we're just gonna do what's natural and not let any pressure [get to us], because even [with] the word of it happening, people are like, 'You guys need to get married now,' " Khalifa explained. "It's gonna happen; my baby knows I love her. I'm committed and she's committed, so we're just gonna make it happen."

January 2012: 'I Am the Wife'

During a solo visit to "RapFix Live" Amber Rose opened up about her relationship with Wiz, and she could not stop gushing. "I love him; I would do anything for him," she told Sway. "He is a spoiled brat when it comes to me. I don't let him lift a finger; I do everything for him. I am the wife, I take care of all that. He doesn't have to do anything."

March 2012: 'She Said Yes!'

Wiz proposed to Amber last March, and they didn't hesitate to share the moment with their fans on Twitter. "She Said Yes!!!" he tweeted, along with a picture of Amber sporting an oval-cut diamond ring. She followed up with, "He made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!! We Love all u Rosebuds, Rosestuds & Taylors so much!"

September 2012: Amber's Pregnant

After weeks of denying rumors that Amber was pregnant, the couple walked the carpet at the 2012 MTV VMAs, where they finally confirmed they were expecting their first child, with Wiz telling Sway, "We're expecting a beautiful young baby!"

February 2013: The Baby's Here

After sharing Amber's journey to motherhood with fans via Twitter and Instagram (including photos of her bare belly and even her two baby showers), the couple welcomed their son Sebastian on Thursday, with Wiz tweeting to fans, "Happy Birthday Sebastian 'The Bash' Taylor Thomaz!!! Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world."

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