'Fifty Shades Of Lawson': Band Reviews Their Most 'Kinky' Fan Fiction

U.K. foursome remember the 'filthy things' their fans have dreamed up about them.

Lawson might pen pop songs about the ups and downs of love and heartbreak, but according to the U.K. foursome, their fans are writing some much naughtier prose.

"In the U.K., someone did give us a fan book like 'Fifty Shades of Lawson' and with some filthy things they had written down," Adam Pitts told MTV News when they stopped by to talk about their album Chapman Square, set for release in the States later this year. "It was about like 100, 200 pages long; very well written," with Joel Peat adding that it had "a very specific vocabulary."

Bandmate Ryan Fletcher can't deny that there's a crossover between Lawson and "Fifty Shades of Grey." " Yeah, I think the fans are just pretty kinky to be honest," he said.

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Lead singer Andy Brown recalled a particularly interesting piece of fan fiction. My second name's Brown, you see, so you so they gave us [one] also [called] 'Fifty Shades of... Brown.' That was also interesting. We learned a lot," he shared.

"Stuff we didn't even know was possible, we found out," Pitts added.

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It turns out the Lawson fans are very visual as well. But, we'll let the band explain a recent unforgettable fan encounter. "There was some fans that had figured out what floor me and Joel were staying on the other night when we got back to the hotel. And this was in New York," Fletcher recalled last month. "And they were just waiting at the hotel room with a bag and they gave us this bag and inside was handcuffs, a bottle of Jack Daniels, a whip and a blindfold."

Peat added, "I presume they want to use that with them, however me and Ryan are sharing a room so when we walked into the room carrying that [it was awkward]."

Fletcher and Peat then made a vow, "Let's never speak of this again."

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