Wiz Khalifa Is Ready For 'Daddy Time'

New Instagram photo suggests that Wiz and Amber's baby might be on the way.

Editor's note: After this story published, Wiz and Amber welcomed their baby boy, Sebastian! Stick with MTV News for more about their new bundle of joy.

When she strolled down the Grammys red carpet, a very pregnant Amber Rose revealed that her baby was due on February 24, and on Thursday, three days shy of that date Wiz Khalifa Instagrammed a new photo of himself in hospital scrubs, hinting that their baby might finally be on the way.

The couple threw fans for a loop earlier in the week when Wiz posted a photo of a fetal monitor with the caption "coming soon." After receiving plenty of congratulatory texts Amber Rose finally took to Twitter explaining that it was just a routine doctor's visit, but is this just another scare?

Wiz's latest photo seems a little more suggestive, showing the Pittsburgh rapper looking like he's all dressed up for delivery, with the caption "Daddy Time." If the baby is actually on the way, this means that it's only a matter of time until fans can finally find out the 'boss name' the couple have picked out for their son.

"It's a total boss name for a boy," Rose revealed during a radio interview in January. "It's funny because I came up with the name for our boy and immediately he came up with a rapper [nickname] for him." Turns out, Wiz even had a girl's name prepared just in case. "He thought we were having a girl as soon as I got pregnant and then we had the girl's name all ready," Amber added. "We're not gonna say that either because we may have the girl next."

Amber's pregnancy was first announced in September 2012 at the MTV Video Music Awards, and she's documented the entire journey through social media, even sharing photos of her two baby showers.