One Direction's 3-D Film Brings Fans To 'The Toilet With Us, No Lie'

Much like their video for 'One Way or Another,' the guys will take fans everywhere in their 3-D movie.

One Direction are showing fans everything in their 3-D film, hitting theaters in August. And we mean everything.

Shortly after winning the Global Success Award and performing charity track "One Way or Another" at Wednesday's Brit Awards, the guys opened up about how open they're getting in the movie.

"We're shooting the movie tonight," said Niall Horan at a press conference, as Fuse reported. "It's actually just been in the toilet with us, no lie. That is coming out August 30 and it's going to be very all-access, all-areas."

"That's when you can see us in the toilet," Liam Payne added.

In addition to filming their summer blockbuster, the guys took fans along as they traveled the globe in the video for "One Way or Another." And, since that clips already let fans take a shower and a bath with the Niall, perhaps Directioners shouldn't be too surprised by all the access they'll be getting in the movie.

"We're just massively honored to be a part of it and we're just loving the fact that we get to do something amazing for such an amazing cause," Zayn Malik said of the tune, which was recorded to help the U.K. charity Comic Relief.

It's a busy time for 1D. In addition to the new video and their world tour, which kicks off on Friday at London's O2 Arena, the guys have been busy recording new music.

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