Demi Lovato Teases 'Dope' Unnamed Collaboration On Next Album

Singer says she's going to 'give it my all' like her 'X Factor' contestants on her unnamed 2013 release.

Demi Lovato mentored talent last season on Fox and now she wants to prove she's got the "X Factor" on her next album. The [article id="1702071"]"Heart Attack"[/article] singer is using her [article id="1701860"]2013 album release[/article] to shut up any of the haters who may have wondered if she's experienced enough to judge talent on the reality singing show.

"Well I definitely want to back up why I was a mentor on 'X Factor.' I don't want to go on my album and kind of make people think 'Well what does she know about judging?' And I definitely think I'm going to accomplish hopefully a positive response," she told MTV News. "I just always thought I need to give it my all 'cause that's what my contestants were doing."

Lovato has never shied away from letting fans into her life through her music, and she's continuing that trend on her new release. The album will include a follow-up to her 2011 breakthrough single [article id="1670170"]"Skyscraper"[/article] as well as one awesome collaboration, which Lovatics will have to wait to hear.

"Well not only does the album say a lot about where I am in life right now [but] like there's follow-up songs," she teased. "I feel like one is a follow-up song to 'Skyscraper.' I feel like other ones talk about some issues I haven't spoken about. I'm continuing to let out a lot of things therapeutically on my music and I'm very thankful I have the opportunity to do that.

"I've been working with incredible producers," she added. "There's so many I don't even know who to name, but I do have a collaboration with somebody. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell but it'll be dope."

Lovato confirmed that no release date or album title has been picked yet. She did reveal that her [article id="1702199"]video for the album's single "Heart Attack"[/article] will be "fashion-based" and "performance-based." Not only is her album title/release date up in the air, but so is her [article id="1702133"]future with the "X Factor."[/article] No decision has been made about whether or not she will return for the third season of the show.